The smart control centre - the air-Q smartphone app

The air-Q app for Android and iOS is the hub of the air-Q and your private air quality analysis. In the app you get access to a dashboard, the air-Q health index and performance index as well as all sensors, measured values and diagrams. This makes it easy for you to keep track of your air.

air-Q Air Quality Meter Smartphone app

Access sensor readings from anywhere and evaluate air measurement data

Using the air-Q app for iOS and Android, all data can be retrieved and displayed. The setup wizard in the mobile app links the air-Q to your home network via WLAN. Setting up an online account is not mandatory, but it does bring additional features - such as the health advisor with tips on how to improve the air when a problem is detected or using the air-Q app on the go. In addition, the air-Q Web App can then be used with even more options for analyzing air quality.

air-Q App Record Air Quality Dash Board

All air-Qs at a glance in the dashboard

The dashboard clearly displays the values of all air-Qs. In this way, the various rooms in the household (e.g. living room, children's room) or even outside (e.g. office) can be viewed from one control center. Here, it becomes immediately visible if something is wrong somewhere and action needs to be taken.
air-Q App Record Air Quality Index

Health and Performance Index

To give you a quick overview of the air quality, the air-Q air meter calculates both a health index and a performance index. These generally understandable representations show changes in air quality immediately and clearly. Changes in less relevant data (e.g. harmless fluctuations or non-hazardous substances) are weighted lower than the exceeding of limit values. In addition, you receive direct information on possible air quality problems with ideas for solutions.
air-Q App Record air quality measured values

Keeping all measured values in view

All air quality readings can be viewed as a list or individually in real time. Conspicuous, current measured values and pollutants are immediately recognisable. Due to the short summary of the last 24 hours for all measured values (diagram in the background), fluctuations can also be recognised immediately. If necessary, a more in-depth analysis can then be started.
air-Q App Record Air Quality Health Advisor

Learn more about the gases in the air we breathe

Delve deeper into the sensors and measured variables and learn more about the air you breathe. The air-Q app offers comprehensive knowledge about every sensor value, from its origin to its effect and measurability - no one else offers this much knowledge and transparency.
air-Q App Record Air Quality Diagrams

Evaluate the air quality data

Time series and diagrams can be output for all measured values. The time periods are freely selectable and can range from five minutes to several years. This allows you to track changes in air components and air quality over time. In this way, the air-Q makes changes easily recognisable and even the smallest differences visible. By displaying different measurement curves in a diagram, it is possible to make comparisons even more conveniently.
air-Q App Record Air Quality Health Advisor

Find causes and act

The air-Q Health Advisor™ evaluates all data on the various gases, particles and aerosols in the background using sophisticated software algorithms (cloud connection required). The analysis includes all current measured values, past-related measured values, the location of the air-Q and previously detected temporal relationships. In this way, health problems caused by pollen and spores can be avoided. If something is wrong, a warning message appears or - in critical situations - a warning signal.
air-Q App Record Air Quality Health Advisor

Alarms and notifications

Set alarms such as fire alarm, gas alarm and acoustic signals individually. It is also possible to send push messages or email notifications at predefined or self-configured thresholds.
air-Q App Air Quality Capture Push Messages

Push messages to smartphone and by mail

Push notifications reach you always and everywhere on your smartphone or via email. This way you can keep an eye on your home or office and be sure that everything is "ok". With the push notifications you can e.g. monitor rooms for unauthorized smoking or unauthorized entry when you are on vacation.
air-Q App Air Quality Capture Calibration Air Sensors

Calibration information

The air-Q continuously performs a self-calibration. For measurement professionals, the calibration information is displayed in the app. Professionals can also perform a manual calibration.
air-Q App Record Air Quality Health Advisor

Numerous setting options

The air-Q offers many additional setting options. So there are so-called LED themes, which allow to display exactly the sensor value as LED, which you want. In addition, the brightness and a night mode can be configured. The app allows many more options for customizing the air-Q.
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Other features of the air-Q and the software ...

air-Q Air Quality Meter

Monitor air quality, all air components and environmental influences with the air-Q. For your health and performance.