Air quality measuring device, alarm transmitter and smart home device.

The air-Q is the most powerful and intelligent indoor air quality measuring device that can measure, differentially monitor and analyse the components of the air, the indoor climate and environmental influences in real time. In addition, the air-Q functions as an important data transmitter and modern smart home device.

air-Q Air Quality Meter Alarm Smart Home Device

We spend around 90 % of our time indoors - with everything in the air.

The quality of the outside air, i.e. the parameters of the air we breathe, is measured at several hundred measuring stations operated by the Federal Environment Agency. The values serve as a suitable benchmark for air quality in general. The specific conditions of your home, your office or their respective location determine your individual air quality - the quality of the air you breathe. Ultimately, the air you breathe must be checked according to personal standards directly where you spend most of your time - indoors. The air analyzer and alarm device air-Q measures your personal air quality for you. With our device, you can measure your personal air quality yourself. The air-Q is more than just an air measuring device. Thanks to sophisticated technologies, modern software and continuous further development, the air-Q provides you with a smart platform with a variety of sensors that help you to monitor and consequently control your own indoor climate.

Air quality - complicated things simply visualised

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The air-Q detects more gases, particles and chemicals than any other air quality meter. For a quick overview, the air-Q calculates two indices that are always displayed on the housing: Green for health and blue for performance. The number of LEDs reflects the quality of the room air. The more dots there are, the better the air quality - it's as simple as that. In this way, the abundance of recorded information is quickly turned into an easy-to-understand display.
Measuring air quality in real time - FrontalMeasure air quality in real time - louvres

Housing design optimized for real-time measurement

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Optimised for maximum air flow, the air-Q reacts immediately to all gases produced in the room. The optimised design creates the conditions for the air-Q to measure every second and thus also function as an alarm device. Measuring and displaying in real time (every 1.8 seconds!) - no one else can do that.
Measure air quality in real time - louvres
air-Q air knife table stand

Table stand for firm stand

With the air-Q table stand, the device is safer to stand on and remains stable even in the event of vibrations. This means that the air-Q can also be set up more quickly and safely in different locations. In addition, the table stand made of anodized aluminum emphasizes the high-quality appearance of the measuring device.
air-Q air knife wall mount

Bracket for wall mounting

With the new wall mount, the air-Q can be very easily mounted on a wall. This allows the device to be mounted in close proximity to a power outlet or - with our 3 m USB cable (included) - even further away.
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Sophisticated and elegant design

The air-Q has no front or back. It can therefore be placed anywhere - on the table, in the wall unit or on the chest of drawers. This makes the air-Q an eye-catcher for every visitor.

Health & performance in view

On the air-Q, the health index and performance index are easy to read at any time. This makes it immediately visible if something is wrong.
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Smoke & Fire Detectors

The air analyser air-Q is also an alarm sensor for smoke, carbon monoxide and temperature. It detects critical situations immediately and sounds the alarm.

Smartphone App

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The air-Q app for iOS and Android can be used to retrieve all data. After you have gone through the setup wizard, the air-Q app establishes a connection to the device. There are several ways to connect. The direct connection allows access to all measured values in real time without the need to go online. Setting up an online account brings additional functions, e.g. the health advisor or using the air-Q app on the go.
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Web App

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The air-Q optionally sends all data to the air-Q Cloud. There, advanced analysis functions are available in the web browser. Diagrams can be evaluated more extensively, data can be exported (as a CSV file) and printable reports can be created, for example. The air-Q Cloud shows its advantages especially with a large number of air-Q devices.  
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Online & Offline

The air-Q offers online access to all data, but can also be used completely without an Internet connection.
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The live connection with the air-Q delivers real-time data directly to the smartphone - every second!

Health - Adviser

In the air-Q Health Advisor, the latest AI technology evaluates the results for you and provides tips for improvement.
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High fun factor

Many exciting functions and details - with every app update there is something new.

Air measurement for the smart home

The air-Q is much more than an air measuring device. The data on room air provides important information for your smart home. As a sensor center, the air-Q can, for example, serve as a signal generator for automatic window opening, the control of air purifiers or even the switching on and off of heaters. Since the air-Q can also detect the presence of people in the room, control becomes much smarter.

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air-Q Air Quality Meter

Monitor air quality, all air components and environmental influences with the air-Q. For your health and performance.