The air-Q radon is coming!

The air-Q radon will soon be available for pre-order! Pre-orderers will receive a discount for the launch and a surprise. Please register for the air-Q newsletter and find out in good time when and where the air-Q radon can be ordered.

air-Q Air Analyser - Now available

In addition to the sensor for the radioactive gas radon, the air-Q radon will contain further sensors

air-Q radon

air-Q radon - the special device for radon measurement with additional sensors

The air-Q radon contains our self-developed radon sensor. This measures to the highest standards with unsurpassed accuracy and response time. The air-Q radon is therefore slightly larger than the "normal" air-Q. The air-Q radon also includes some basic additional sensors to monitor the indoor climate. As with all air-Qs with free smartphone app and web app and fully customizable LED themes and acoustic signals.

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