Knowing what's in the air.

Everyone breathes their own individual air, which is composed of many different substances. The quality of the air is decisively dependent on the general conditions of its environment.

It changes when the window is open or closed. It changes when there is one person in the room, several or none at all. It is influenced by furniture, carpeting or plants in the office, living room or bedroom. It therefore depends on the complex interplay of many factors - and this is precisely what the air-Q analyses and visualises.

There are therefore many good reasons to know what is in the air. Because many of the substances in the air have an invisible and often unrecognised influence on our health and performance.

The team behind the air-Q air quality measuring device has set itself the task of measuring the individual air components and making them visible.

Dr Daniel Lehmann - Air Quality Expert
Dr. Daniel Lehmann
(Managing Director Technology)
"I want to know what I breathe in every day and how it affects my health."

For me, the topics of health and fitness play a significant role in my life. Out of a private interest and due to the lack of availability of solutions, I developed an idea in 2015 on how to determine the parameters of the air simply and precisely. When building the first version of the air-Q, my more than 10 years of experience in basic research and the development of new sensor technologies at Chemnitz University of Technology helped me a lot. Nevertheless, the current air-Q hardly resembles the one from back then. Today, the device is much smaller and can do much more.

Mario Körösi
Mario Körösi
(Managing Director)         
"Everyone should know their own air quality to decide for themselves."

Air is our most important food - we consume it 24 hours a day, throughout our lives. Everyone has very individual conditions where we live and breathe. That's why we want to give everyone the opportunity to be able to determine the ingredients and quality of the air themselves. In addition, it is also a lot of fun to track the data and conduct causal research. With the air-Q, everyone has their own little laboratory, which will be available soon.

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