Measuring air quality with room air analysis and air-Q

Indoor air analysis with personal evaluation

Pollutants in the air pose a serious health risk!
Poor air quality in the bedroom, living room or children's room can lead to problems such as poor concentration, tiredness, allergies and even mold. An indoor air analysis with the air-Q helps you to detect air pollutants in good time and eliminate the source. With the help of an air-Q indoor air measuring device and our indoor air experts, you will gain valuable insights into your indoor air.

And this is how the air-Q indoor air analysis for the home works:

air-Q app air quality measure test device

Indoor air analysis - get air-Q

We will send you an air-Q pro (14 sensors) with all the important sensors.

The air-Q room air analyzer is specially calibrated and prepared for your analysis.


The analysis phase - set up, done.

As soon as you have received your analyzers, your indoor air analysis will begin. This takes one week. Simply set up your analyzer at the designated location and switch it on - done.

You receive login data and thus free access to the live data of the air-Q via smartphone app & web app during the term.

Return the device free of charge and receive a €50 discount on the purchase of an air-Q pro.

air-Q App Measure air quality Measuring phase
air-Q App Measure Air Quality Health Performance

Professional data evaluation

One of our air experts analyzes your data individually.

You receive a clear summary of your data + detailed explanations and evaluations of the pollutant loads in a compact and informative report.

With individual tips for a better indoor climate.

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air-Q Health Index
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air-Q performance index
All measured variables are assessed and evaluated with regard to health and performance aspects. You receive information on how and to what extent your health could be impaired. Always keep an eye on the effects of air quality on your health and performance!

Dangers, which can be recognized and avoided in this way

Gas leaks & cable fire
Toxic exhaust fumes
Solvents & Toxins
Allergies / Pollen

Advantages of an indoor air analysis

More performance through better air
Higher activity level
better air, better sleep
Healthy sleep
Increased productivity
Increased productivity
Air quality ok
Improved health
Air pollutants
Protection from pollutants & hazards such as gas & mold
Air quality awareness
Create awareness for air quality

Recommended by measurement professionals

The air-Q is recommended by indoor air experts such as the Branch Center for Finishing and Facade. Our measurement technology is used there within the training "Master of indoor climate" and is used in the field at the customer for room climatic analyses.

Stucco and facade
Health and performance with the air-Q app

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