Why office air quality is particularly important - how air quality affects productivity

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Office spaces can make you sick! There is a risk of the so-called sick building syndrome. The cause is bad air, i.e. air that is polluted by breathing ("used air") and possible pollutants. Symptoms are then fatigue, exhaustion, headaches, concentration problems, irritated mucous membranes, dizziness, nausea and increased irritability. Viruses can also spread more quickly in "stale air" and make employees ill. For a healthy office climate and more productivity, it is advisable to check the office air for possible pollution.

In particular, values that have a short-term effect on the ability to concentrate, such as theCO2 value, should be continuously monitored so that the recommended limit values are not exceeded.

Sustainability in the office! Our alliance for healthy air at work!

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Working sustainably also means treating employees sustainably! With our "Alliance for good air in German offices", we are committed to a healthy office climate and healthy employees. Take advantage of the technical expertise of our air-Q air measuring devices, which act as a comprehensive "MeetingMETER". Take part and show your employees that you care about them. With a fortnightly air analysis, you can find out how good the air quality is in your workspaces. With the help of our Smart Widgets, you can also show this to everyone.

Mario air quality expert at air-Q
Mario Körösi
Managing Director of air-Q      
"For high productivity, creativity and optimum performance in the office, the air quality must also be right. A CO₂ meter or traffic light can give you a basic impression of the degree of air "consumption" in the office. Or try our "MeetingMETER", the air-Q."
View into our office:
Carbon dioxide, temperature and noise in our air-Q meeting room:
Mario air quality expert at air-Q
Jonny Orban
Managing director of knowmates GmbH     
"I pay attention to the health of my employees, because they are the capital of our company. Through air-Q, we also became aware of the importance of air quality. Since then, we monitor the air with the help of several air-Qs in meeting rooms and offices and also show this via the well-done smart widgets on our website and internal info screens."
View into our office:
Carbon dioxide, temperature and noise in the knowmates open-plan office:


Healthy air in German offices

We at air-Q are experts in air quality. The topic of "healthy air" is very close to our hearts. Therefore, we provide companies and enterprises with an air-Q basic for an air analysis. The live data can be integrated live on your website.