Keeping an eye on the air quality at home with the air-Q

In the living room, bedroom or children's room - the air-Q is powerful and ultra-flexible and monitors the air quality for you in the background. It thus ensures more safety and health for your family.

air-Q Air Quality Meter Alarm Smart Home Device
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Measure air quality in detail

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The air-Q air analyzer can be placed anywhere - on the living room shelf, in the children's room or in the bedroom. The important thing is that the data is recorded where you and your family spend time. With the help of up to 15 individual sensors, all substances, gases and particles in the air you breathe that are relevant to your health are recorded - and a sound level sensor also detects noise pollution. The air-Q also functions as an alarm device and warns at critical values. By the way, your data remains yours if you want it to. The use of the air-Q Cloud is optional.

The air-Q product variants - the right device for every trade fair occasion

air-Q light (AQ-500)

air-Q light - For basic monitoring of offices, schools and homes.

The air-Q light is designed for classroom, office and home monitoring and provides basic information on air quality and stale air. Smartphone app and web functions are all usable. Changeable LED themes allow it to be used as a CO₂ warner.

air-Q basic (AQ-1000)

air-Q basic - The all-rounder for sophisticated air quality measurement

The air-Q basic (AQ-1000) offers everything you need to comprehensively monitor your home and offices. It alerts you to dangers such as smoke, fires, toxic gases and ensures your health and safety. With free smartphone app and web app. Completely customisable with LED themes and acoustic signals.

air-Q pro (AQ-2000)

air-Q pro - The professional for ambitious users

The air-Q pro (AQ-2000) offers all the functionality of the smartphone app and web app as well as networking, LED themes and audible signals. With the additional sensors, hazards such as smoke and fires can be avoided and even more toxic gases can be detected. For your safety and health!

air-Q science (AQ-Science)

air-Q science - For technology fans and scientists

In addition to the smartphone app and web app, the air-Q science (AQ-Science) offers additional functions through the air-Q API. This allows access to developer functions. Furthermore, all possibilities for self-developed smart home applications are open. Optionally, an individual high-quality additional sensor can be selected.

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What you can do with the air-Q

Find out what is possible with the air-Q and which air-Q variant is right for you.


Protection against fire, gas and burglary with the smart alarm system of the air-Q

Detect critical situations at home, office or vacation home in time and be warned. The air-Q is your smart alarm system with remote monitoring for comprehensive protection.


Promote healthy sleep

Healthy sleep is essential for physical and mental health. If the room climate in the bedroom is poor, sleep is neither restful nor healthy. Often, alarming levels of e.g. carbon dioxide occur here.


Good air for the family - monitoring air quality at home

In the home, carpets, plastic toys, cleaning agents, building materials, electronic devices or cooking, cleaning and even just breathing pollute the air quality and thus the general well-being and health.


Expand smart home with smart sensor

The devices and objects we use every day are operated manually by us. Whenever we feel like it, we open the window, turn the heating up or down and many other things. These activities always take place in the same way, but are often forgotten due to this routine. What if you could automate all this?


Avoid allergies

People with allergies are most affected by polluted air. Pollen and spores are allergens to be avoided. In addition, the air-Q indicates that pollutants, such as nitrogen oxides, can intensify or even trigger allergies.

Air quality chimney

Operate fireplace safely

Fireplaces are widely used today and are considered safe. However, in case of defects, harmful, even deadly substances can be released, such as carbon monoxide or flammable methane. particulates is also regularly emitted. In this case, the air-Q functions like an early warning system in that the measuring device detects pollutants in the air and informs about the pollution.

Monitor gas heating and gas boiler

Safe with gas heating and boiler

Gas heaters and gas boilers provide warmth, but also harbour hidden dangers that rarely occur, but must be avoided urgently. Because your life is at stake. The air-Q detects dangerous gases and leaks at an early stage and warns you before anything happens.

Avoid with air-Q mold

Avoid mould

If rooms have a high relative humidity, mould cultures can quickly form. Particularly in the case of air contamination with specific pollutants, the danger of a mould infestation that is harmful to health increases.

Save energy Control ventilation

Save gas & reduce energy costs

Energy is a scarce commodity. Energy costs have risen significantly. With the air-Q, you can reduce your energy costs by learning energy-optimized ventilation behavior and optimizing the indoor climate. As a result, no unnecessary heat escapes outside and your risk of mold remains low.

Security for the home - air-Q

Safety at home

Fires, smoke and associated toxic gases pose a serious risk in the home. Defective cables or heaters are the main causes. The air-Q expands the existing smoke detectors with important information / sensors. This allows you to protect yourself even better and also to react earlier at the decisive moment.


Keeping a complete eye on air quality - simply measure everything

We can't even go a few minutes without air - so it's worth monitoring our most important food. Measure the air quality and find out everything about what's in the air. The air-Q simply measures everything.


Detect and log odor nuisance

Measure and document cigarette smoke, chimney smoke, animal odors or industrial fumes and take action against the polluter.


Safe from pollutants and anesthetic gases in the motorhome

Monitor the air on the go and stop worrying about toxic / unwanted gases. Protect yourself from anesthetic gas, carbon monoxide, gas leaks and intrusions.

Our customers

We have already convinced thousands of customers of the air-Q - private customers as well as professional users and companies.