Why is air quality particularly important when sleeping?

At night we recover from the day. The body switches off and renews its regenerative powers. At the same time, it is more susceptible to harmful substances. It is particularly important to optimally support this recovery phase by providing healthy and restorative conditions. The air quality in the bedroom also plays a decisive role in starting the new day refreshed and without headaches. For this reason, we at air-Q and the Schlafnerds have launched a cooperation for healthy air in the bedroom.

Alliance for healthy air in the bedroom!

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The Alliance for Healthy Air in the Bedroom is an innovative partnership dedicated to improving the quality of the air we breathe and promoting healthy sleep. In our alliance, two important partners work hand in hand: the Schlafnerds and air-Q. Our collaboration in the "Alliance for Healthy Bedroom Air" creates a unique synergy. Our expertise in the field of good sleep and air-Q's technological know-how open up new possibilities for analyzing, monitoring and optimizing air quality. Together, we develop innovative and holistic concepts and solutions to raise awareness of clean air and improve people's health and well-being.

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Mario air quality expert at air-Q
Managing Director of air-Q      
"Air quality in the bedroom is essential. None of us would even enter a room during the day that had such poor air as you breathe in many bedrooms throughout the night!"
View into my bedroom:
Carbon dioxide, humidity and temperature at my home:
Markus sleep expert and air quality expert at Schlafnerds
Managing Director of Schlafnerds    
"In addition to a good mattress and a suitable bed, there is also other furniture in the bedroom. It is often forgotten that this also has a positive or negative influence on sleep due to the influence of the furniture on the room climate - e.g. on the humidity or temperature.
Natalie air quality expert and singer at air-Q
Air specialist at air-Q and singer
"By measuring the air in my bedroom every day, I became more aware of the issue of air quality. When you know what positive or negative effects the quality of the air you breathe has on your health, you automatically become more concerned with it and definitely sleep more peacefully when everything is monitored. The issue of noise also plays an important role for me, since I live on a busy street!"
View into my bedroom:
Carbon dioxide, humidity and temperature at my home:

Do you have thick air in the bedroom?

Show us your bedroom and join our alliance for good bedroom air!

We want to raise public awareness of the issue of air quality and its impact on sleep and health. We advocate for measures to reduce air pollution and improve indoor air quality. We are also working to develop new technologies and solutions to effectively monitor and control air quality. Do you want to be a part of the project? Provide us with your air data and help us spread the word about air quality.