Analyse all sensors and measured values on the PC with the air-Q web app.

air-Q Air Quality Meter Chart Webapp

Access sensors and measurement data even more clearly via the browser - with innovative functions

To use the air-Q Web App, data upload must be enabled (via the air-Q smartphone app or via the device website) - no data is automatically uploaded to our cloud. When upload is enabled, the web app can be used in addition to the smartphone app or as a stand-alone solution to start advanced air analyses. The additional options on the PC allow the measurement data to be examined even more closely. For example, if 10 or more air-Qs are in use, the web app can provide more clarity by displaying a table overview of all measuring devices. But that's not all our cloud software can do.

The air-Q web app is free to use.

air-Q air meter - Dashboard

Overview through the dashboard

The dashboard of the air-Q Web App provides a quick overview of all existing air-Qs. These can also be sorted by category. In this way, even very large numbers of devices are well organized and clearly displayed. Immediately visible are air-Q health and performance index for air quality for all devices.
air-Q air meter - sensor table

Tabular display of all sensors and measured values

The air-Q web app gives you access to an informative tabular display of all sensors and measured values. In this way, all devices and sensors can be quickly compared with each other and you can always easily maintain an overview. Especially with very many air-Qs, this view offers great advantages.
air-Q air measuring device - up to 15 measured variables and sensors

Going deeper into the sensors

The overview page gives a simple and informative display of the history of all sensors as well as a cumulative health and performance value (the air-Q Health Index™ and Performance Index™). Exceeding of limit values is immediately displayed and the values are colored. This makes it immediately visible if something is wrong somewhere and action is required.
air-Q air meter - Smart Widgets

Smart Widgets

With the air-Q Smart Widgets you can include sensor information in the form of small measurement tiles on web pages and presentations (e.g. PowerPoint) - super multifunctional and self-updating. The Smart Widgets can be generated at
air-Q air meter - extended diagrams and graphical evaluations

Advanced diagrams and comparisons

Several sensor values, even of different air-Qs, can be compared in diagrams.
The highlight: Our special chart module makes comparisons even more informative and exciting - not only different sensors, but also different time periods can be visualized in ONE chart.
In this way, even the smallest changes can be identified and analyzed in retrospect.
air-Q air meter - health index with official limits

Health and Performance Index

The air-Q health and performance index is also used in the web app to evaluate the large number of measured values. Based on this, the health advisor gives tips on what to do if the limit values are exceeded.
air-Q air meter - CSV data export

Export all data

The data export allows the convenient download of all measurement data. These can be downloaded as a CSV file or as a chart.
air-Q air meter - Sensor Wiki

Sensor Wiki

The web app provides a comprehensive overview of all installed sensors and measured values. You learn more about limit values and solutions. The properties of the sensor hardware used are also addressed.
air-Q air meter - Smart functions

Many more functions through updates

We are pursuing a long-term strategy and are constantly working on new and improved features that make the analyses even better and faster. In the coming weeks, the app and web app will be continuously expanded.‍
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Other features of the air-Q and the software ...

air-Q Air Quality Meter

Monitor air quality, all air components and environmental influences with the air-Q. For your health and performance.