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Welcome to the newsroom of Corant GmbH, the company behind the air-Q air measurement device. Via this link we offer you press material such as pictures of the products and the team, videos and much more information for your reporting. If you have any further questions or requests for information, please contact us.

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Are you a journalist or product tester and would like to report on our products and services? We are at your disposal for interviews and online, print or TV coverage. Here you will find the direct contact for press matters, as well as a short portrait as a PDF for download.

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- Tel: 0371-33716525

Product tests: We would also be pleased to hear from you if you are interested in a product test of the air-Q for your medium. We would be happy to note your interest in a review of the world's most powerful air analyser if you send us a brief mail with your contact details.

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Videos (selection)

air-Q Press Articles Press Review AOK Health Insurance Fund
AOK Plus Blog

Innovation made in Saxony

Katja Zeidler from the AOK Plus Blog presents air-Q in a portrait with the founding history and current situation around the air analyser air-Q.

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Press article Corant Startup for the office air-Q
Office Roxx - the official office blog

Start-ups for the office

A portrait of Corant GmbH (air-Q) from Chemnitz. Because: There are also exciting start-ups for the office sector.

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air-Q press article AOK PLUS healthy company
healthy company - AOK Plus Magazine

Successful aerial act

AOK Plus asks the question: How innovative are companies in Saxony and Thuringia? A prime example: Corant presented.

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Managing Director Mario Körösi Interview

Air is the most important food

RESET interviewed Managing Director Mario Körösi. A conversation about air quality, sustainability and the future of the air analyser air-Q.

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Free press thick air-Q
Free Press

Device warns of thick air

The Freie Presse from Chemnitz reports on air-Q as a solution to headaches, concentration problems and fatigue.

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Poor indoor air air-Q electronics practice

No bad indoor air

A start-up has declared war on bad indoor air: it calculates the quality of indoor air on the basis of up to 14 different parameters.

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Saturn Startup Chemnitz Health Air Quality Meter
Turn On - The Saturn Magazine

Kickstarter hit Air-Q

A start-up from Chemnitz has posted the Air-Q, a special air quality meter, on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.

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No more bad indoor air Press article air-Q

No more bad air

Portrait of the air analyser air-Q and its ability to optimise the indoor climate. The device brings transparency to the components of the air we breathe.

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air-Q Team Startup Health Technology

A testable product

Interview with the online magazine startupvalley about the intelligent air analyser air-Q and the path to a testable product.

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Ambivation air-Q coverage Interview

There's something in the air!

Interview with Managing Director Mario Körösi on the presentation of the air analyser air-Q - how did the idea actually come about?

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Leipzig Air Pollutants air-Q Air Analyser
Leipziger Volkszeitung LVZ

No one knows what we breathe

Air pollutants on streets and squares are discussed - but what is the quality of the air in the living room or bedroom?

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air-Q air analyser housing

air-Q about air quality

The start-up Corant GmbH wants to launch a product soon that can analyse the air we breathe in detail.

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Room air measuring device air-Q Team Corant

Healthy air indoors

Indoor air is often more polluted than outdoor air. The air-Q is the most versatile and modern air quality assistant.

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Daniel Lehmann Free Press Air Quality Measuring Device
Free Press

The indoor air interpreters

A start-up will soon launch a device that not only warns of thick air. It should also help to increase one's own performance.

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Simply ingenious

Inventors from Chemnitz and Leipzig have developed a device that very simply measures all possible parameters of the room air and thus provides information about the air quality.

"Die Anstalt" vs. Mario Barth

Mario Barth and "Die Anstalt" in the ultimate video duel on the subject of diesel. Have fun!

air-Q in the media (selection)

air-Q Air Quality Meter

Monitor air quality, all air components and environmental influences with the air-Q. For your health and performance.