Measure everything in the office, meeting room or even laboratory.

The air-Q is ideal for the business sector - e.g. to control the air quality in the office or meeting room. The sophisticated technology even meets the high standards of research and development.

air-Q Air Quality Meter Alarm Smart Home Device
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Keeping an eye on air quality - staying healthy and performing well.

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In the office, the air-Q air analyzer helps prevent stale air so you can maintain your full performance and stay healthy. The measuring device can be placed at the workplace on the table or on the shelf. In addition to measuring carbon dioxide and VOCs as basic monitoring in the office, the different product variants with up to 15 finely tuned individual sensors offer full control of air quality - for you or at your customers. By the way, your measurement data remains safe with you - the use of our air-Q Cloud is optional.

The air-Q product variants

air-Q light (AQ-500)

air-Q light - For basic monitoring of offices, schools and homes.

The air-Q light is designed for classroom, office and home monitoring and provides basic information on air quality and stale air. Smartphone app and web functions are all usable. Changeable LED themes allow it to be used as a CO₂ warner.

air-Q basic (AQ-1000)

air-Q basic - The all-rounder for sophisticated air quality measurement

The air-Q basic (AQ-1000) offers everything you need to comprehensively monitor your home and offices. It alerts you to dangers such as smoke, fires, toxic gases and ensures your health and safety. With free smartphone app and web app. Completely customisable with LED themes and acoustic signals.

air-Q pro (AQ-2000)

air-Q pro - The professional for ambitious users

The air-Q pro (AQ-2000) offers all the functionality of the smartphone app and web app as well as networking, custom LED themes and audible signals. With the additional sensors, dangers such as smoke and fires can be avoided and even more toxic gases can be detected. For your health and safety!

air-Q science (AQ-Science)

air-Q science - For technology fans and scientists

In addition to the smartphone app and web app, the air-Q science (AQ-Science) offers additional functions through the air-Q API. This allows access to internal developer functions. Furthermore, this opens up all possibilities for self-developed smart home applications. An individual high-quality additional sensor can be selected as an option.

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What you can do with the air-Q

Find out what is possible with the air-Q and which device is right for you.


Better meetings and a healthy atmosphere in group rooms

In rooms where many people are present, the air quickly becomes stuffy. Oxygen is consumed and carbon dioxide is produced - this reduces mental performance and the ability to make good decisions. Important meetings should only be held with a clear head (and good air).


Protect industrial and warehouse premises with multiple alarm system

Valuable goods, and sometimes hazardous materials, are stored in warehouses. Undetected fire, smoke or leakage can cause significant damage. A spark or lit cigarette can start a fire, gas leaks can cause a disaster and burglary / unwanted access should be avoided.


Promote occupational health

High levels of pollutants in the office, e.g. from electrical equipment or incorrect or inadequate ventilation, are detrimental to health and impair performance. Typical symptoms include headaches, fatigue and concentration problems. Help your employees to keep a clear head by ensuring healthy and performance-enhancing indoor air.


Present air quality data anywhere with Smart Widgets

Show that your company cares about healthy air. With our Smart Widget you can visualize the sensor data on presentation screens, website or even PowerPoint presentations - always live. This helps to make employees healthier and customers happier.


Capture and evaluate everything as a measurement professional

Measurement professionals such as building biologists, building physicists and indoor climate specialists can use the air-Q to perform a comprehensive analysis of the rooms and thus offer sound advice based on measured values.


Protect your holiday home with the air-Q

Many dangers, such as fire, cigarette smoke and burglaries can be detected by the air-Q. Keep an eye on your property from anywhere and monitor everything via smartphone app or PC.

Air quality_co2-in the classroom

Fit in the classroom - controlling air quality in school

We can't even go a few minutes without air - so it's worth monitoring our most important food. Measure the air quality and find out everything about what's in the air. The air-Q simply measures everything.

Our customers

We have already convinced thousands of customers of the air-Q - private customers as well as professional users and companies.