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air-Q air analyser

Use in the children's room

Josephin Hartmann lives in the middle of the city as an expert in online marketing. She is currently on parental leave and expecting her second child. Like all parents, she is concerned about the health of her children. For Josephin, it is definitely problematic that the children's room is located directly on a busy street. She often asks herself whether it would really be good to open the window. The air-Q now gives her answers and thus security. Now she knows exactly when which pollutants are in the air and what exactly they mean for her family.

Office use

Like many other working people, developer and web expert Ulrich Halfter spends most of his day in the office. Naturally, he wants to know exactly what the air quality is there. Thanks to the air-Q, Ulrich can finally record the air components - around the clock and in real time. Because bad air is not only unhealthy. It also limits performance . But if well-being and energy are lacking, work becomes immensely more difficult. With air-Q, this can be counteracted and productivity and quality of life can be increased.

Healthy and productive employees

The founder and CEO of, Karsten Schaal, bears responsibility for the people in his everyday life not only as a father but also as an employer. He therefore wants to create a pleasant and productive working environment for his employees. But a healthy and dynamic workplace requires not only sufficient light and suitable office furniture, but also good air quality. The air-Q now finally offers provable data on everything that is in the air and offers solutions to be able to react to it appropriately.