Our development partner

The HTWK in Leipzig is a long-standing partner of Corant GmbH in the development of the air analyser air-Q. In particular, the university's scientists supported us in developing the ideal device design. The first housing generations of the air-Q were created at the university using the 3D printing process. Many further development steps were completed together and in close partnership.

HTWK Leipzig

Housing design

The housing of the air-Q was fundamentally developed together with the HTWK - University of Applied Sciences and the Forschungs- und Transferzentrum Leipzig e. V. at the HTWK.

The focus was on the realisation of optimal flow properties inside the enclosure. This enabled the air-Q to achieve a very short response time without a fan. In addition, to optimise costs, the design of the enclosure was chosen in such a way that only one enclosure shell could be used for both sides of the unit, taking advantage of a symmetrical arrangement.

The challenges of fixing and connecting were solved by symmetrically positioned functional elements.
air-Q air analyser
Tobias Flath from HTWK Leipzig explains what was important in the design.
air-Q Air Quality Meter

Monitor air quality, all air components and environmental influences with the air-Q. For your health and performance.